Let’s talk about the Disney  cruise…..

Am sure you are familiar with the Disney World in Orlando, Paris, Singapore etc…… where you have different theme parks and water parks. And events such as animal adventure, magical attractions etc

Getting on board a Disney cruise is  an experience on water that is exceptionally WOW!!!

On board any of the Disney Cruise Line ships; each of the ships has its own distinct features and design, but they’re all basically modern luxury ocean liners in the style of Art Deco or Art Nouveau. The likes of Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder etc. Their ships are uniquely built with various characteristics starting from their stunning gorgeous chandeliers to handrails, the design of these ships is very thoughtful and meticulous.

Disney Dream at Night

Whether you find yourself on The Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic or Disney Wonder; having all these great in built features,  A cruise on any of the Disney ships won”t be a memorable one especially for Kids and teens  without having a shoot with the  numerous cartoon characters cruising on board and also not forgetting the great shows to entertain both the young and old on board as well. Shows such as  An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story, Villains Tonight , Disney Aladdin, The Golden Mickeys etc . The good news is that, regardless of what you think of the story of the show, production values and acting are top notch in all of the shows.


Not leaving meals out, after having all the fun you can think of, there is food all around to energize  you in other to continue from where you stopped. You eat still you drop with LITTLE OR NO DIME……….

Why not give your family a great thrill!!!!





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